Mini silicone baby doll 4.3″

Mini silicone baby doll 4.3′” full body mini dolls open eyes, Stefa 4.3′”, reborn doll, cute face, mini doll silicone baby
Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva.

This my author’s beautiful mini full silicone doll Stefa 4.3″ is made according to my author’s model of soft silicone ecoflex in a limited edition.
the doll is painted with professional silicone paints,
the paint is not rubbed off.
the doll is not perfect, as it is completely handmade, but I love her, she is very beautiful.
All the details of the doll are shown in the photo.
This is an amazingly gentle and beautiful doll with amazing detail.
Just look at her thin fingers!
The doll is dressed in a svetshot, hat, panties.
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Mini silicone baby doll
Mini silicone baby doll 4.3″ full body, open yes, rooting hair
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