silocone baby

Really baby dolls

Really baby dolls I am pleased to present you the new 2020 model silicon baby Kitty. This wonderful handmade silicone girl looks like a real baby dolls. It is molded in my original model from[…]

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Where to get silicone baby dolls

where to get a silicone doll? Please do not confuse the hand-molded silicone doll from factory vinyl silicone dolls. These are different things! Real silicone dolls are handmade! Shops where you can buy a[…]

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Silicone reborn full body minature by Kovalevadol

Ecoflex silicone babies handmade

Ecoflex silicone babies handmade by Kovaleva Natalya, brend Kovalevadoll I am pleased to introduce you a new model of silicone dolls Katie. This is done according to my author’s model. First, a wonderful girl was[…]

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5 inch Realistic silicone babies

Realistic silicone babies

Realistic silicone babies Silicone mini baby doll Alisa 4.7″ ? one od my realistic silicone babies, painted, eyes open, open mouth with pacifier and bootle, mini reborn doll Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva. This my[…]

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