Silicone baby doll artists Kovalevadoll

Silicone baby doll artists

silicone baby doll artists -Natalya Kovaleva my name is Natalya Kovaleva. I am the author of these miniature silikon baby dolls, mini silicone reborn . Its real. Unfortunately, lately there have been many fake shops[…]

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Where to get silicone baby dolls

where to get a silicone doll? Please do not confuse the hand-molded silicone doll from factory vinyl silicone dolls. These are different things! Real silicone dolls are handmade! Shops where you can buy a[…]

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OOAK dolls

Limited edition dolls

Limited edition dolls Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva. This is an author’s OOAK art doll, mini reborn doll from polyurethan (rezin), cast from polyurethane, according to my author’s model. This miniature collectible doll will not leave[…]

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