About me -Kovaleva Natalya, brend Kovalevadoll

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Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva. My brend is Kovalevadoll.
I love dolls.
My every doll from polymer clay is unique.
I do not use mold. All dolls are very different!
Buying my dolls, you get a piece of my soul, and I -Ability to make new dolls!
I make one of a kind miniature dolls, never take molds, so every piece is unique!!!!!
I use polymer clay and my hands.
in 2018 I began to cast my models in polyurethane and silicone. Now i am silicone baby doll artist. I made my silicone babies from platinum silicone.
I’m very happy when my dolls bring joy! I receive letters and photos of my tiny silicone dolls in their new homes. My small silicone baby dolls seem realistic to me and very cute! Now in Moscow is preparing to publish a photobook with the participation of my dolls, as actors. I thank all the buyers of my dolls that they help me to develop and create new dolls!


This website presents many of my hyper-realistic silicone dolls. Silicone babies in stock, you can purchase on etsy

All my dolls are very different, each with its own character, they are all made with lots of love, to bring joy to people. 
It is made with all my heart. OOAK.


Request a custom order  and have something made just for you.

instagram: natalya_ooak_baby_doll

facebook: @doll2016

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