Miniature silicone baby doll – 6 inch new model for sale

miniature silicone baby doll for sale

This is a new model of my designer silicone doll 16 centimeters or 6.3 inches.

It is made of platinum silicone according to my author’s model. The miniature silicone baby doll is one-piece without joints. This is a very cute micro mini silicone babbaby girl. Two dolls are available at the Etsi store

Such a silicone baby doll will become a wonderful original unique gift for a colleague, collector, primary school girl, girlfriend, girlfriend. The doll will arrive in a gift box, you just have to give it. Optionally, you can invest – sent with love from you

original gift with love

silicone mini reborn baby
silicone mini reborn baby
original silicone baby doll gift with love
reborn miniature silicone baby
platinum silicone baby open eyes original gift with love
silicone baby small
silicone baby small

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