Ecoflex silicone babies handmade

Silicone reborn full body minature by Kovalevadol

Ecoflex silicone babies handmade by Kovaleva Natalya, brend Kovalevadoll

Silicone reborn full body minature by Kovalevadol
Silicone reborn full body minature by Kovalevadol

I am pleased to introduce you a new model of silicone dolls Katie. This is done according to my author’s model. First, a wonderful girl was fashioned from polymer clay. Then, the mold for casting a silicone doll was removed from the original sculpture.

ecoflex silicone babies

The ecoflex silicone babies is poured into a two-piece mold in one piece. The miniature silicone doll has no connections, it is solid. Along the edges of the figure there are subtle seams from the casting. This is normal for silicone. The casting used high-quality silicone ecoflex brand 00-30 made in America. The he ecoflex silicone babies is painted with professional silicone paints.

The size of the hanmade mini reborn full silicone doll is 6 inches with outstretched legs. Realistic miniature eyes made by hand. A blanket and a certificate of authenticity are also included with the doll.

At the moment, only 3 the ecoflex silicone babies dolls have been cast. here I publish only one. later 2 other dolls will be laid out, one of the dolls with stitched hair.

reborn full silicone

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the baby silicone girl is very nice. It has an open mouth where you can insert a pacifier. Together with the doll are a dummy and a bottle, as well as a toy for the doll. The baby silicone girl can be bathed. After bathing, it is better to powder with baby powder. This reborn full silicone will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your children!

this mini reborn full silicone is so cute and lifelike! My mini realistic 6 inch silicone reborn baby girl can take a pacifier !