Mini silicone baby 5 inch, painted, rooting hair with miniature pacifier and bottle

Mini silicone baby – cute and realistic miniature doll for primary school and senior preschool girls.

mini silicone baby

Mini silicone baby

The miniature silicone baby doll with pacifier and bottle is the best gift for primary school girls and senior preschool girls.

mini silicone baby doll girl

The mini silicone baby doll has no connections. It is one-piece, molded from platinum silicone and painted with professional silicone paints.

gift tfrom uncle

The tiny silicone doll is soft to the touch and looks like a real baby in miniature.

open eyes silicone babies

It is completely handmade doll from sculpture to casting and painting. Each silicone doll is collectible and one of a kind.

clothes for mini silicone dolls

You can put a miniature handmade pacifier for mini silicone dolls in your mouth.

he doll’s hair is made of natural goat wool, rooted one by one. Realistic handmade miniature eyes.

miniature pacifier for silicone baby

The silicone doll can be bathed. After bathing, sprinkle with baby powder. Girls in primary school and senior preschool will appreciate your exclusive gift.

The small silicone baby doll girl  is anatomically correct and repeats all the shapes and delicate folds of a real baby
handmade silicone doll

The miniature silicone baby doll will arrive in a gift box with its toy, pacifier, bottle and author’s certificate.

micro reborn silicone

This is a very valuable gift that will remain in the child’s memory forever.

You can buy a mini silicone doll here or make a custom order.

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