Polymer clay dolls cast on rezin

polymer clay dolls

Polymer clay dolls cast on rezin -my miniature art dolls

meet me, this is my limited model Gloria.

This is a very artistic and artistic doll with the smallest detail.

The miniature doll is molded from polyurethane in a small edition of 20 copies according to my author’s model.

Each doll is different from the other. This time I got a miniature brunette babe. I want to say that I rarely do brunettes. Here are links to other dolls of the same print run.https://kovalevadoll.com/limited-edition-dolls/

The doll is molded from polyurethane. she has a soft velor body weighted with glass granulate. The soft body allows you to take various poses from the chrysalis. Hair – natural goat hair. The doll is varnished with a UV filter. Eyes – art painting.

 Polyurethane is a very durable and lightweight material. But dolls also require care. Keep them away from direct sunlight, wipe with a damp cloth. The doll’s hair is made of goat’s wool and can be washed in cool water.

polymer clay dolls cast on rezin

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