Miniature baby doll silicone cloth body Sofi 4.7′

Miniature baby doll silicone cloth body Sofi 4.7′

mini silicone reborn
mini silicone baby doll

Miniature baby doll silicone cloth body

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Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva.

It’s my silicone baby doll cloth body Sofi 4.7′ ,mini babies, doll, mini, doll

This beautiful mini doll is made according to my author’s model of soft silicone ecoflex in a limited edition.

She has a soft cloth body, weighted with a glass granulate. A doll can take different poses.

In the mouth you can insert a pacifier.

Mini baby silicone doll cloth body is painted with professional silicone paints, the paint is not rubbed off. This is an amazingly gentle and beautiful doll with amazing detail. Just look at her thin fingers!

My dolls are not perfect, as it is completely handmade, on which I spent a lot of hours. The bag has traces from the casting on the legs and handles. This does not prevent her from being very beautiful. Since the doll has a body made of cloth, it is not recommended to pull strongly on the arms and legs. But it allows the doll to take a lot of positions, unlike silicone dolls with a solid body. You can order for an additional fee firmware hair, and additional clothing.

The miniature baby silicone doll cloth body is dressed in panties, hat, dress.

The doll will come with the author’s certificate, hir toy, miniature pacifer and bottle, made by me, gift wrapping. the doll will come to you with a small surprise, which will pleasantly surprise you

All clothes are removable.

please, look at my dolls

I hope that the doll lift your mood and give many hours of joy
Waiting for his mother .

Please, look at my dolls

All my dolls are very different, each with its own character, they are all made with lots of love, to bring joy to people. It is made with all my heart.
Dispatch within 3 work days of receipt of payment. 
Delivery time depends on postal services.

Thank you for looking

you can order custom making clothes for miniature silicone baby dolls