OOAK polymer clay baby dolls

ooak baby doll
OOAK polymer clay baby dolls

OOAK polymer clay baby dolls

Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva.
My OOAK Polymer Clay art baby doll 4.3″ Angela has been sculpted entirely freehand by myself from artist polymer clay 
and no moulds have been used in his creation.
Single copy. One of kind.

She is a unique one of a kind and measures 4.3″. She has full arms and legs.
body soft .
Baby with small fingers and nails.
Natural moher hair glued.eyes made by me.

The doll is dressed in a dress, panties, hats and genuine leather boots+ 
bows on magnet, and blouse. 

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The doll will come with the author’s certificate, her toy.

All clothes are removable.

I hope that the doll lift your mood and give many hours of joy
Waiting for his mother .

For children is not a toy.

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Baby made with love in a single copy. 

All my OOAK polymer clay baby dolls are very different, each with its own character, they are all made with lots of love, to bring joy to people. It is made with all my heart.
Dispatch within 3 work days of receipt of payment. 
Delivery time depends on postal services(USA-from 3week-to 1.5month,Europe-from 2 week to -1.5 month).

Doll is from Kazakhstan.

Thank you for looking.