Silicone baby boy full body mini David 5 inch

This miniature realistic 5-inch Silicone baby boy full body with anatomical details was molded in one piece of professional platinum-based silicone. This is a realistic boy, knows how to hold a pacifier, has handmade eyes, hair can be rooting at will.

silicone reborn baby mini
silicone baby mini

silicone is a soft material. the mouth of the doll opens, you can insert a pacifier.Silicone baby full body mini David 5 inch , painted, eyes open, hair rooting, open mouth with pacifier and bootle, mini doll

Hello! I ‘m Natalya Kovaleva.

Very small details in a cute baby. Silicone baby boy 5 inch is dressed in a turquoise suit, manually knitted with knitting needles. The baby comes with a double-sided blanket, a decorative miniature bottle and a polymer clay nipple, certificate of authenticity. I am very grateful to my customers for purchasing my silicone kids in my collection.

All my kids have very gentle harmonious faces, saturated with emotions. If you want to order such a sweetheart in your collection, write to me or make a purchase on etsi.
The doll is dressed in a dress, hat, panties.

silicone reborn baby mini open mouth
silicone baby mini open mouth

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All my dolls are very different, each with its emotion, my tiny silicone childs are all made with lots of love, to bring joy to people.

Thank you for looking.